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Questionnaire Test


Devrim, whats the score? Devrim , Devrim whats the score?

Hope you had a great half term Devs..... I can't wait to see you back at school to show you aa few treats from the derby game! what was the score again?????


3 - 0 to the mighty sunderland!!!!


1- 0



2 - 0



3- 0



NOT AGAIN!!!!!! 6 in a row!!!

What a great half term!

Hello Year 3!


WELL DONE to eveyone for a fantastic first 8 weeks in Year 3!


You have all worked extrmely hard and we have had some fantastic lessons together!

I hope you all enjoy a very well deserved half term break!



Half Term Challenge

Can you explain what you think is happening in this picture?

Remember there are no right or wrong answers!



Stone Age Images

Here is my favourite stone age image Year 3,


A neolithic stone age house


Can you show me your favourite image and write a sentence underneath to explian what is happening and why you like the picture.



I like this picture because it shows a great example of a neolithic stone age home!   Imagine living in there!

Welcome to Year 3 Troublemakers!

Hello Year 3 troublemakers!!!


Me and Miss Collins are having a great time in Year 3 with all of you!


We've got a question for you all....


What is your favourite thing about being in Year 3 so far?


Get your thinking caps on!

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