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World Book Day and some fantastic writing!

On Thursday this week, our nursery children transformed into a selection of famous characters from their favourite books! We were really impressed with the effort everyone made and it was fantastic to see so many wonderful costumes. 



The morning children in their costumes (Dominic looks like he's holding a selfie stick!)



What a fantastic effort from everyone!


We also enjoyed a visit from Seven Stories who did a fantastic performance for the children. The boys and girls had a fantastic time.


Finally, we have been preparing for Mother's Day this week and talking about how special our mams are. The children made a beautiful card to give to their mams and even wrote a special message inside. I was so impressed with how incredible the children's writing was - here's a couple of examples.



Amazing work everyone, well done!


Special Snacks

Hi everyone,


Hope you've had a nice half term.


Once again, the children will vote for a weekly snack this half term. Please find the options below. If your child has any allergies, please let me know.


Week beginning 29th Feb - mango or plums

Week beginning 7th March - breadsticks and guacamole or breadsticks and sour cream and chive dip

Week beginning 14th March - melon and yoghurt or papaya and yoghurt

Week beginning 21st March - prawn crackers and sweet chilli or tortilla and salsa

The siren on the engine goes neenarnar, all day long!

Today, the nursery boys and girls were told that they would be receiving a mysterious visit from a special visitor who drives a red vehicle. This clue left the children quite baffled as to who their special guest could be, but all was revealed later in the day when three fire fighters from the local Fire and Rescue team stormed into the hall with their equipment and exciting tales!


The children loved meeting the fire fighters; they looked at their infrared camera and some even got to sit in their engine. But the most exciting part for the children was beeping the horn, playing the siren and firing the hose. 


The children were so well behaved and everyone had a fantastic day!


Philip enjoyed playing with the firefighter's torch

Ready, steady, AIM!

Miss Doherty enjoyed it more than the children!

Isaak loved beeping the horn!

The morning children shout 'FIRE'!

Fire, fire!

This week, our boys and girls have initiated making fire engines in the block area. Miss Doherty brought out the Fire Fighters topic box and their imagination went wild! Lara took on the role of a firefighter whose dangerous job was to rescue a cat from a tree, while some of our children helped to make a blazing block of flats to enhance their play.



The children have also been interested in soup-making this week so we enhanced our water tray with herbs, spices and 'seaweed' - lots of sensory messy play ensued!


Fantastic fish, riveting rockets and marvellous messy play!

Hello everyone,


We've had lots of fun in Nursery over the past couple of weeks. Miss MacBean, our trainee teacher from SCITT, has started teaching the class and the boys and girls are making her feel very welcome.


We also had a very exciting trip to the Pet Shop to buy fish for our tank in Nursery. The children trudged through the snow and rain and happily chatted to the grown ups about shops they visit with their mammies and daddies as they strolled along Coatsworth Road. We finally reached the pet shop and chose a variety of cold water fish, all of whom have settled in really well in Nursery. The children love their new pets!



We enjoyed reading Whatever Next and Roaring Rockets and had lots of space play in our block area - here's Spaceman Riley making a rocket to take him to the moon.

There's also been lots of messy play - we mixed washing up liquid and water with sand and created sand foam. The girls really enjoyed making pancakes topped with ice cream and sugar! 

And finally, our afternoon girls have developed quite a love for our princess dresses so we had a discussion about how we can all be kind friends and share the dresses. The girls came up with some very sensible ideas and we made a dress rota to make it fair for everyone.


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