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Christmas Excitement!

Hi everyone, 


Hope you're having a restful break - I can't believe how quickly it's going!


Firstly, a note to all of our morning parents: in the midst of the last-day-of-term-craziness, we forgot to give out the My Special World books (ironically, moments before we dismissed the children, we were gloating about how organised we'd been with giving out cards, calendars etc!) Please feel free to email any My Special World photos to me over the holidays and I will stick them in your child's book on the first day of term. The email address is


Of course, the last few days of term were extremely busy and jam-packed with festive goodies. Our children enjoyed a music workshop - some of the nursery children were brave enough to perform in front of the  audience (and some of the teachers were forcibly dragged up to 'sing' Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas!)

Yara, Macey, Nasya and Farham play to the children.

Fraser enjoyed playing the tambourine.

Poppie and her sister, Gracie, perform.


Staff give their rendition of All I Want For Christmas, much to the dismay of the audience!


Of course, our children also gave sterling performances during their nativity production, Wriggly Nativity. Here are a few photos (more will follow)


We were so proud of how well the children sang and behaved on stage.


Once school reopens, I will post some photos of the children's Christmas Party, complete with dancing and their visit from Elsa and Anna.


I hope you enjoy the rest of the break and if you have any queries before the term begins, please email me via


See you on Tuesday 5th January when school reopens!


Christmas Stay and Play!

The boys and girls have loved having mams, dads (and baby brothers and sisters!) take part in our Stay and Play sessions this week. The children thoroughly enjoyed decorating biscuits, scooping reindeer food, making Christmas decorations and also showing mams and dads the fun they have in Nursery.


Thank you to all the parents who joined us for the session - we hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did!


Philip worked really hard to make his marshmallow snowman biscuit!


The boys and girls spent a lot of time preparing magic reindeer food - there will be lots of very full reindeers on Christmas Eve!

Winding string around star baubles really helped the children's fine motor skills.

Lots of fantastic biscuit decorating!

Sharing a snack with mammy

Lots of super bauble making!

Evie enjoyed making reindeer food with her mam.

Macey and McKenzie made beautiful Christmas decorations with their mam.

Baubles, Bubbles and more...

We are beginning to feel very festive in Nursery recently; in between practising our Nativity and learning new Christmas songs, we've been decorating baubles, blowing bubbles and doing lots of fun learning.


We started last week with a visit from a lady from Gateshead library who read stories and sang songs. The children were so well behaved and really enjoyed the special visit and I hope many children will visit the library over the next few months.

Christmas has definitely arrived in Nursery - the Christmas tree is in pride of place in the classroom and the children have been enjoying some festive crafts. Last week, the children got creative and decorated baubles with glitter, paint, tissues and sequins.  There were lots of unique and interesting baubles. Not only was it was a great task for helping children's scissor skill and fine motor development, and the baubles also look fantastic! They've also been decorating Christmas trees by rolling a die and counting out sequins - lots of fantastic maths work!

There's been lots of great drawing and writing too - just look at this fantastic treasure map drawn by Chad, Bobby and Dominic while they were pretending to be pirates. I hope they found the gold coins!

Finally, here's a photo of our afternoon children getting giddy at the sight of bubbles! What began as Isaak finding a large plastic sewing needle and using it to pretend to blow bubbles ended up with the whole class excitedly popping bubbles in our outdoor area - a great activity for hand-eye coordination! Just look at their happy faces! 




The children have been very busy learning the lyrics to this year's Nativity songs; Wriggly Nativity.


Click the link below if you'd like to help them learn the songs at home!



Nursery fun

Hi everyone,


Welcome to the Nursery class blog. I will update this page with the latest news and information about our wonderful Nursery class.


This week has been busy with lots of pirate themed tasks and activities.


The children received a letter and video from naughty Pirate Pete who had lost his belongings in nursery. The children did a fab job following instructions to find Pete's treasure - some children even had the fantastic idea of sending it back to Pete with a letter.


To mark Anti-Bullying Week, the children talked about what makes a good friend and made friendship bracelets. It was really tricky to thread beads but the children did a super job! They were so happy to give and receive their bracelets - just look how pleased Tiarna is!


The children have really enjoyed voting for their weekly Special Snack - this week they enjoyed cheese and crackers and next week they'll be eating mini poppadoms and dip. Yum!


And finally, I'll finish this entry with a photo that's made us all smile this week - looks like it's not just pirates that love underpants!



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