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A busy busy week!

What a very busy week we've had in Nursery!


Over the past fortnight, we have spent a lot of time talking with the children and reminding them of rules and boundaries. It's been fantastic to hear the many great ideas the children have about rules in the classroom and how rules keep us safe and help us to look after ourselves and each other.


As many parents will know, this week we also began our Rainbow Rewards system and the children have loved it! Each child has their own space on a rainbow chart and throughout the day they have lots of opportunities to gain rainbows. At the end of the session, the children come back together with their key worker and count the rainbows they've accumulated that day. Those with three or more rainbows will have their name written on a pot of gold that goes into a draw for a prize at the end of the week. We've also loved having Star of the Day in Nursery and it's been so fulfilling to see the children responding so well to it.


We've been doing lots of shape work this week - the children have enjoyed hunting for shapes in our outdoor area and even found everyday objects that are similar to the shapes they found. There's also been lots of sorting and talking about shapes too.


Joshua dives into the basket of eggs to find the shapes hidden inside!

Bobby was so enthusiastic to talk about the shapes he'd found.

At the moment, we are very fortunate to have a group of students from the Gateshead SCITT working with us to improve our outdoor area and our maths provision - they're doing a terrific job and the area looks incredible (these photos really don't do it justice!)


And finally, I'll leave you with a few photos of the day-to-day activities your child/children enjoy!


Philip working hard to make a Mobilo model

Fraser focusing on how to keep his cube tower from toppling over

Lara and Evie make tea for each other in the mud kitchen

Isaak enjoyed exploring the cornflour and shampoo concoction!

Our afternoon children practise letter formation by erasing the chalk sounds on the floor

Dominic and Fraser painted the house like professionals!

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